Morgantown High School Art Department

Morgantown High School Art Department is ecstatic to partner with the 6th Annual West Virginia Popular Culture Convention & Comic Paradise Plus.  Last year was the fifth year of the event that attracted over 2,500 popular culture enthusiasts over the weekend.  The conference features many West Virginia and national artists, writers, producers, game designers, and film makers who have found their way into the comic book and entertainment industry. This event offers an outstanding opportunity for local young artists to explore possible future career opportunities.

Sam Brunett, art teacher at MHS, has been a long time comic & Sci-Fi fan and have shopped at Comics Paradise Plus off and on for over twenty years.  When he heard the conference was going to be in Morgantown he took his family.  It was an amazing experience with booth after booth of working artists, designers, developers, writers, and film makers. We had a great day.  Sam thought, what a great opportunity for art students to get together with professionals who make a living in the entertainment industry by making art.  He approached Jon Hayes the next time he was in his shop about partnering with Comics Paradise Plus and the WVPopCon to see what we as a school could do to promote it, and how they as Pop Culture enthusiasts could help educate students towards a possible career doing something they love.
The MHS Art Club is working on promoting the WVPopCon at school and community and inviting Jon Hayes to school to talk about job opportunities for young creative individuals. MHS Art Dept held a contest to design the 2nd Annual Pop Con T-shirt.  The winning design was submitted by senior, Brady McDonald from the Graphics 2 class and will be featured this year at the convention.
Jon offered Morgantown High School a booth at the WVPopCon for students to show their painting, drawing, sculpture, & graphics. This ability for students to show their art work to such a large audience is just one exceptional opportunity that this education-business partnership has provided. Being at WVPopCon also offers students a unique opportunity to mingle with the professionals who will be guests.  It is a win-win situation; kids get to show their work, take advantage of unique opportunities and speak with several professional artists. In turn our hopes are the WVPopCon will benefit by our school wide community promotion, thus contributing to a larger audience.  We are very excited about this partnership, and believe this is what the Monongalia County Partners in Education Program is all about.

Mask Sculptures

Angelo Ilagan

Christina Kang

Erik Abrahams

Michelle Ma

Shayla Martin

Trey Lewis