Megan Hatfield

The Pink Turtle Lady is run by Megan Hatfield.  She specializes in handmade perler bead sprites, magnets and buttons.  The perler bead sprites are all handmade from plastic fuse beads that are arranged to make a cool pattern or design.  The beads are then ironed so that they will melt together to hold the pattern in the 8-bit style design.

The perler bead sprites make great decorations for your wall, desk, shelves, fridge or anywhere you want to add an extra place of 8-bit style love!  There is a variety of designs of perler bead sprites available from comic book characters, video game scenes and characters, TV shows, and movies. She makes perler beads in the designs of pins, hair barrettes, keychains, ornaments, mirrors, picture frames, magnets or just plain so you can sit them wherever you want. 
She also specializes in making buttons and magnets.  The buttons and magnets are available in 2.25 inch or 3 inch size and range from wrestling, comics, TV shows, movies and quotes.  All designs are available in the option of a button or a magnet

Items can be previewed through the new online store at:
Twitter:  @pinkturtlelady
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