Christopher Lee Baird

Christopher is the author of a 5 book series called The Chronicles of the Raven Clan.

The Enduring Light - The Chronicles Of the Raven Clan
Lee Christian is busy preparing for his senior year of high school—what he hopes to make the best year yet—when suddenly he falls asleep, waking in an unknown land. He soon discovers that what seems like a crazy dream is all too real. Against his will, he's been pulled from life as he knows it and thrown into an alternate dimension.


The Prevailing Darkness  - The Chronicles of the Raven Clan
After a long and tiring journey home, a group of friends under the name of the Raven Clan finally believed they made it, but everything was wrong. Things are not what they seem, and the danger moves in ever so quickly. The world that they had finally escaped from is now pouring out into their world, causing death and destruction at every turn. That world, the Outland, was a majestic place full of mystery and awe; however, it was not meant for our world. Now, in this scorched earth, they  continue to struggle to stop the terror of the Outland from corrupting their home.