SteamBotics is an all-girl VEX Robotics team at Westwood Middle School in Morgantown, West Virginia.  We have been inspired by the Steampunk culture of innovation, individualism and power. One of our goals is to bring more females into the male-dominated field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Just as the steam-powered era of the Industrial Revolution brought a surge of women into the new mechanized workforce, we seek to bring girls into today’s fields of robotics and engineering.

 While we were creating our own designs and accessories for our uniforms, we decided to share our unique jewelry and accessories with other fans of Steampunk. Our girls made each piece of our Steampunk collection by hand from re-purposed materials or crafting notions. All proceeds will benefit our VEX team, to pay for robot parts, tournament expenses and, of course, outreach programs to motivate more girls to study STEM.