TeeMinus24.com (Apparel)

Shirts to fit your fandom!
Designers of custom apparel based on comic books, movies, tv shows, and video games. Offers a full line of custom t-shirts along with hundreds of vinyl decals. 
Owners Vincent and Lisa have been traveling the convention circuit for 4 years selling their unique creations throughout the Midwest, mid-Atlantic, New England, and the South. You can also find their products on teeminus24.com.

 First and foremost: WE ARE FANS. We are the people that wait in line for a midnight opening of the latest sci-fi/fantasy movie. We are the people that pre-order that latest and greatest video game. We have Lord of the Rings in both its theatrical and director’s cuts. We have seen Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, and 6 thousands of times and still cry when Obi Wan is struck down. We are the people that own 38 video game systems, play Magic: The Gathering and D & D, go to comic book conventions, and dress up as Batman for Halloween.

 We mention this because each shirt we sell must first meet our high standards as fans.  We will only sell shirts that we would wear on our backs.
If you like what you read or see here, feel free to contact us on our CONTACT page. We'd love to hear from fellow nerds/geeks..