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The West Virginia Popular Culture Convention (also known as WVPOP) is a convention spanning many of today’s most popular entertainment elements.  We are including Exhibitors, Creators, and Panels on the latest and greatest of Comics, Movies/TV, Toys, Anime, Manga, and Games.

Gaming is so big it desires a description of its own.  Games include Video Games (of old and new), Magic the Gathering and other Card Games, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing games.  Our goal is to pack the show with hundreds of exhibitors, creators, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorites.

WVPOP will bring the best of popular culture to West Virginia!  If you are into it, so are we!!!

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Written on 19/03/2012, 17:44 by admin
panel-schedule2All Day items: Anime Theater Retro Arcade Various Video Game Tournaments Tabletop Gaming/RPG Saturday items: 1:00 – Today’s Cosplay - A look into...
Written on 12/03/2012, 23:34 by admin
bill-mckay Bill McKay (FEATURED) Bill McKay is a commercial illustrator who got into comics in 2010 with Moonstone's Zombies vs Cheerleaders. His lasted project...
Written on 12/03/2012, 23:34 by admin
ernie-stiner Ernie Stiner Ernie Stiner worked as a comic book penciler in the 1990’s, working on such books a Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #27 thru #31, The...
Written on 12/03/2012, 23:34 by admin
loading-crew-crafts Loading Crew Crafts The Loading Crew is a husband and wife team consisting of two different kinds of artists. The business was started in 2014 the...
Written on 12/03/2012, 23:34 by admin
travis-gibson Travis Gibson Jack of all trades, master of some.  Admin Extraordinaire. Creator of The ForceStrong Network:  www.forcestrongnetwork.com,...
Written on 12/03/2012, 23:34 by admin
bubble-and-geek-candles-scents Bubble and Geek Candles & Scents Purveyor of geeky candles, lip balm, fragrances, and other necessities! Check out my Etsy shop at...
Written on 12/03/2012, 23:34 by admin
plush-in-the-usa PLUSH In the USA We travel the country to bring you the coolest Anime and Gaming Plush and Hats and enjoy bringing smiles to people's...

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