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The West Virginia Popular Culture Convention (also known as WVPOP) is a convention spanning many of today’s most popular entertainment elements.  We are including Exhibitors, Creators, and Panels on the latest and greatest of Comics, Movies/TV, Toys, Anime, Manga, and Games.

Gaming is so big it desires a description of its own.  Games include Video Games (of old and new), Magic the Gathering and other Card Games, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing games.  Our goal is to pack the show with hundreds of exhibitors, creators, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorites.

WVPOP will bring the best of popular culture to West Virginia!  If you are into it, so are we!!!

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Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
andrew-carter Andrew Carter (Let's Play All The Games and Habitat Against Humanity) Andrew Carter is a local writer and creator, best known for his webcomic...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
brian-ingermann Brian Ingermann  Brian Ingermann is an illustrator and storyboard artist with quick pencils and bold inks from New Castle, Indiana. He is a past...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
josh-floquet Josh Floquet Josh Floquet is tattoo artist, shop manager, and freelance artist from New Jersey currently living in Clarksburg, WV.  Josh will be...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
morgantown-high-school-art-dept Morgantown High School Art Department Morgantown High School Art Department is ecstatic to partner with the 4th Annual West Virginia Popular Culture...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
bubble-and-geek-candles-scents Bubble and Geek Candles & Scents Purveyor of geeky candles, lip balm, fragrances, and other necessities! Check out my Etsy shop at...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
mytron-studios Mytron Studios We are Corey & Victoria Conrad, a husband & wife team that has been creating since 2009! Many projects since then including...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
the-cracked-eg The Cracked EG The Cracked EG is a husband and wife team of artists, Gonzo and Erica Campbell-Stillings, who create works of art using mostly...