The West Virginia Popular Culture Convention is held at the Mylan Park Expo Center located at 500 Mylan Park Lane in Morgantown,WV. Click the links just prior for more info and a map or see our Travel page for directions and more information.


All attendees 10 and under are free to enter the convention with adult. Please note, WVPOP recommends minors to attend with an adult, and all children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.


For the most part, you're welcome to take still pictures and video at WVPOP.  Also, please understand that guests may or may not pose for photographs with fans. Guests have a right to their privacy, and if they ask not to have their picture taken, please respect their wishes.

WVPOP will attract press, by attending you give your consent to be photographed and appear on camera.


Guests will sign autographs at various booths and events. WVPOP's schedule is progressing and will be updated regularly.  Guests will not sign bootleg merchandise. Guests may limit the number of items they sign.  Guests may or may not pose for photographs with fans.

What Does WVPOP Think of Weapons?

Please read this entire policy before attending WVPOP. Failure to follow this policy may result in your removal from the convention without refund. The following items are generally forbidden at WVPOP:

  • Functional firearms
  • Realistic replica firearms (anything that can be confused for real firearms)
  • Functional projectile weapons
  • Sharpened metal-bladed or blunt weapons
  • Explosives
  • Chemical weapons (including mace and pepper spray)
  • Excessive noise items
  • Whips

Prop weapons will be allowed providing they are composed of light materials. The barrel of all prop firearms must be covered with a brightly-colored cap. Prop bows will be allowed providing arrows do not accompany or arrows have soft tips.

Weapons can be bought and sold provided they remain in sheathes or boxes during display and sale.


Maybe! Free WiFi may be available, TBD.

Bus/Shuttle Service?

WVPOP is working to get WVU and Morgantown Buses to provide additional travel stops over the convention hours.

What Do I Do If I Find/Lose Something?

Please bring all found items to the ticket management area.

What If I'm Harassed?

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at WVPOP. If it's illegal outside the convention, it's illegal inside the convention. Harassment is grounds for removal from the convention and potential legal action. We want WVPOP to be a safe, open, and accepting environment for all fans, and please bring harassment complaints immediately to WVPOP's Office.

The Organizer?

WVPOP is the brain child of Jon Hayes who was smart enough to know it would take more than his desire to execute.  He owes a great amount of help to family and many local retailers.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know. We are fans just like you, and we are still adding to the event.  If you have an idea, it is probably a good one.


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