Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of and for people interested in recreating costumes from the Star Wars mythos – Jedi, Rebel Pilots, Troopers, Princesses and even Wookiees ... we’ve got them all.

 We are the Good Guys.
Besides creating and wearing our “Good Guy” costumes, our worldwide membership often chooses to give back to their communities through costumed volunteer activities and charity events. No one can provide the public with a greater range of Star Wars costumes, nor a more personable, interactive, face-to-face experience.

Much like the Rebellion in the Star Wars movies, an alliance of rebel costumers first appeared in 2000; responding to the 501st Stormtrooper Legion (i.e. the “Bad Guy” costumes) and choosing instead to celebrate the heroes of the Star Wars saga. Although founded in the United States, the Legion grew to become the international organization it is today, encompassing nations worldwide and becoming the premier Rebel costuming group in the Star Wars community.

Members of the Legion hold no rights to the characters they portray and acknowledge that while in costume, we represent the characters of the Star Wars Universe and as
such, accept the responsibility to promote a safe and professional public image.

Our Mission… Why We’re Here
Our mission is threefold. First, to offer the costume enthusiast of the Star Wars hero characters a global community to enjoy, express, and share their costume talents. Secondly, to promote increased quality and accuracy in Star Wars costuming. And lastly, following the lead of Lucasfilm Ltd., giving back to our communities through
volunteerism and support of charitable causes.

Our Vision… What We Hope To Accomplish
To promote a sense of camaraderie among Legion members – educating, mentoring and supporting fellow costumers as they continue to improve the quality of their
creations. To uplift the spirits of children by bringing their dreams to life, and to promote goodwill worldwide through volunteer community service.

Our Values… What We Stand For
Everyone should have an opportunity to contribute, belong, play, and smile regardless of sex, race, religion, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, or physical handicap – and to be able to share that with all the children of the world, both big and small.

What is the Rebel Legion?
We’re an international Star Wars costuming organization that promotes Star Wars fandom while helping others through charity work and community service. Formed in 2000, the Legion now boasts over 2,000 members serving in more than 28 countries.

What is it you do?
We actually hear this question a lot! We’re about fun, spreading the joy and magic of the Star Wars Universe, and supporting charities. We can usually be found posing for pictures and providing “meet-and-greets” for event guests, escorting VIPs, and especially interacting with kids by bringing their action figures to life.

What sort of events do you do?
Rebel Legion members march in parades, raise funds for charity, appear at conventions, visit children’s hospitals, support educational and science centers, as well as a wide variety of other events.

How much do you charge for appearances?
NOTHING! The Rebel Legion is a volunteer organization and does not accept payment for appearances. However, we support a great many charitable organizations (especially those dealing with kids) and a donation made in our name is always greatly appreciated. For a partial list of charities we associate with, please see the “Charities” page in this Press Kit.

How can I get you to attend my event?
It’s easy – visit our website,, and click on the “Request an Appearance” link on our homepage. Once you’ve submitted the required information you’ll be contacted by a local Legion representative.

Are you part of Lucasfilm?
No. We’re a volunteer fan-run organization. However, Lucasfilm Ltd. recognizes the Rebel Legion as the premier Rebel costuming group, and regularly engages our assistance with media and charity events.

Are you part of the 501st Legion?
Again no – although the Rebel Legion is known as the “good guy” counterpart to our Imperial brethren. While we are separate groups, we regularly work together with many members belonging to both clubs. We also work with other Star Wars fan groups such as the R2 Builders Club, FanForce and many more.

Does the Legion work with Star Wars Celebrities?
Frequently. We often find ourselves working with and escorting the various celebrities that help make the Star Wars saga great. Including: actors and actresses, authors, artists, production staff and Lucasfilm representatives.

Is it hot in those costumes?
Yes, like vacationing on planet Mustafar.